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!!! America's Wars!!!

For democracy?

What is the usa constantly waging wars against other nations for or why does the usa support almost every war?

The USA: In 1948 the CIA manipulated the elections in Italy,

in 1950 the USA bombed North Korea,

1953 the USA overthrow the government in Iran,

1954 they overthrow the government in Guatemala,

1961 Attempt to overthrow the government in Cuba "Bay of Pigs Invasion" it
does not work, however,

in 1964 the US begins to bomb Vietnam, the US claim the Vietnamese started it (Tonkin incident a proven War lie) 11 years of war and 3 million dead,

1973 fall of the Salvador Allende government in Chile and install Augusto Pinochet military junta (It has a kind of marshalling yard of deaths near Caldera. Over the rails were the bodies of the victims, if those not even alive were ransported to shore and thrown into the sea. So Political prisoners and opponents of Pinochet disappeared without a trace. No corpses, none Sense. Desperate relatives remained behind, who are still waiting for the clarification of the hoping for the fate of their relatives.)

1979 Support for the mujahideen in Afghanistan throughout the 1980s, the Afghans are supplied with weapons.

1979 helps you Saddam Hussein to power then you support Hussein when he attacks Iran

(1980 to 1988) both sides were supplied with weapons at the same time.

1983 US invasion of Granada.

In 1986 Libya was bombed. 1989 US invasion of Panama, supporting the
Cons in Nicaragua.

In 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and the USA bombed the Iraq.

In 1996, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said the price was worth it
that would have been more than 500,000 (five hundred thousand) children due to the embargo died.

1999 The Greens and Schröder (SPD) join in and bomb Serbia without a UN mandate.

As of September 2001, the new status is the War on Terror.

Not a month later invasion of Afghanistan.

US uses "mother of all bombs" killing hundreds of people. Locks down the area for 6 months.

2003 Iraq war with more than 1 million Dead, poison gas lie.

2011 bombing of Libya by Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron attack Libya on.

2011 Syria the CIA invested a billion dollars in order to shut down all opponents of Assad arm to overthrow him, regime change didn't work.

2014 Ukraine War, The USA has invested 5 billion dollars in regime change (Victoria Jane Nuland US diplomat) and the Russians responded.

Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner had a total of 7 countries bombed in 2016 Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Libya.

Agent Orange (It bothers hormonal signaling pathways and leads to severe malformations in children.

More than three Millions of Agent Orange victims are suffering, according to the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange from late effects of Agent Orange, especially malformations such as cleft lip and jaw Cleft palate and immune deficiencies.),

As well as the atomic bombs dropped on Nakasaki and Hiroshima should also be mentioned

And the killing goes on... Current Conflicts:

1. Colombia since 1964
2. Chile (Indigenous militias) since 2021 (armed conflict)
3. Mali since 2012
4. Nigeria (Boko Haram) since 2009
5. Cameroon (Ambazonia) since 2018
6. Central African Republic since 2006
7. Democratic Republic of the Congo since 2005
8. Ethiopia (Tigary) since 2020
9. South Sudan since 2010 (armed conflict)
10. Egypt (IS) since 2013
11. Somalia since 1988
12. Mozambique since 2019
13. Ukraine since 2014
14. Türkiye (Kurds) since 2004
15. Syria since 2011
16. Iraq since 1998
17. Israel/ Palestine (Gaza) since 2021
18. Yemen (Houthi) since 2014
19. Afghanistan since 1978
20a. "Pakistan" Pashtunistan (Taliban) since 2007 (armed conflict)
20b. "Pakistan" Pashtunistan (Balochistan) since 2021
21a. India (Kashmir) since 1990
21b. India (Naxalites) since 1997
22. Indonesia (Papua) since 2021 (armed conflict)
23. Myanmar (Eastern Myanmar) since 1948
24. Thailand (Southern Thailand) since 2004 (armed conflict)
25a. Philippines (Mindanao) since 1970 (armed conflict)
25b. Philippines (NPA) since 1970

I missed this page, now I attached it and forwarded your articles. Jazak'Allah khair. ramadan mubarak

CNN: Killings of innocents in Afghanistan by British military...





A probe into whether UK soldiers stormed the houses of two innocent Afghan families and summarily executed their relatives began Wednesday, part of an effort by investigators looking into allegations of war crimes committed by the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan – and the purported coverups that followed them.

The two families, the Saifullahs and the Noorzais, lost four relatives each during separate incidents in February 2011 and October 2012. They have been seeking justice for more than a decade.

The independent inquiry, commissioned by Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, was first announced in December. A member of the Noorzai family at the time recounted how his two brothers and his brother-in-law were all killed.

“I was handcuffed, beaten and interrogated outside our family home by British soldiers. My relatives and friend were each shot in the head as they sat drinking tea,” the individual said. “My family has waited 10 years to find out why this happened.”

While the probe stems from the two families’ legal battles, it will cover “numerous” alleged crimes committed in Afghanistan from mid-2010 until mid-2013, including those investigated by prominent British media organizations such as the The Sunday Times and BBC Panorama.

Charles Anthony Haddon-Cave, the judge presiding over the investigation, asked anyone with information about the incidents in question to get in touch with his team. However, there is no clear mechanism yet on how his team would communicate with witnesses in Afghanistan, which is currently under the rule of the Taliban – the group British and American forces fought for years before the US withdrawal in 2021.

Though some of the inquiry’s work, including several hearings, will be conducted behind closed doors due to national security reasons, Haddon-Cave said he intends to “hold open hearings where possible and where appropriate.”

“Everybody has to understand the material I and my team are dealing with is highly sensitive,” he added.

This is not the first time the British Armed Forces has been investigated for committing potential war crimes and then covering them up. The International Criminal Court launched a preliminary investigation into the British military’s conduct in Iraq but ended the examination in 2020 without pursuing an investigation due in part to the “inadequate” response of the British army at the time.

The inquiry will also examine the previous Royal Military Police investigation that produced no prosecutions. A significant part of the inquiry’s work will be to determine “whether there was a coverup, when, by whom, [and] at what level,” Haddon-Cave said.

Haddon-Cave said he has been assured by the relevant authorities that his team’s work will not be impeded. He said he has the power to compel witnesses and order the reproduction of documents.

“I’m very hopeful that there will be full cooperation, not least because what we are looking at here is really restoring the reputation of the military and the country,” he said.


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A probe into whether UK soldiers stormed the houses of two innocent Afghan families and summarily executed their relatives began Wednesday, part of an effort by investigators looking into allegations of war crimes committed by the British Armed Force

Western War Crimes

*** Afghanistan as a testing ground for weapons ***

In April, the US Army dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb in a combat operation - in Afghanistan. It's not the first time weapons have been tested in the Hindu Kush. It is said that the victims remain unknown.

In 2017, the Americans dropped their largest non-nuclear bomb for the first time ever, over eastern Afghanistan. According to Afghan officials, this weapon of mass destruction, perversely dubbed the "mother of all bombs," has killed scores of people.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is reluctant to provide such information - and has been sealing off the crime scene since the airdrop. No wonder: A bomb that would have reduced the whole of Manhattan or Düsseldorf to rubble would certainly have wiped out more in Afghanistan than a few militant fighters. Put simply, civilian casualties are inevitable.

Gun testing since day one

Many Afghans, both inside Afghanistan and in the diaspora, have since criticized and protested the dropping of the MOAB. One thing is clear to them: the West sees their homeland as a test and playground for weapons. Those responsible are allowed to kill and destroy without having to fear any consequences. And this has not only been the case since the "mother of all bombs" was dropped, but for more than fifteen years. In fact, the test trials began on the first day of NATO military deployment in the country.

The first armed drone
On that first day, a weapon was used in the Hindu Kush that had never been used before: the armed drone. On October 7, 2001, one such drone targeted a house in southern Kandahar province. The target was allegedly the then Taliban chief Mullah Mohammad Omar. Dozens of people were killed almost by remote control. But Omar managed to escape and, as we now know, died of natural causes more than a decade later.

The dead remain invisible

But who were the people who died that day in 2001? Their names and their stories are completely unknown. Like many victims in the years that followed, these dead Afghans were simply invisible. This practice runs like a red thread through the entire "war on terror" in Afghanistan. It doesn't matter whether it's conventional airstrikes, drone attacks or the recent dropping of the "MOAB".

Other weapons such as URANIUM AMMUNITION were also used in Afghanistan and tested on the bodies of the civilian population.

However, the images of the victims of these crimes rarely, if ever, made it into the local media.

Western war crimes just don't fit into the narrative we're being given on a daily basis.

There is no live ticker for Afghan victims

Compare, for example, the attention that even smaller attacks receive in the so-called "West" with that received by such a monster bomb in Afghanistan. Live tickers, hourly headlines and large-scale victim stories are only reserved for the former. Attention for dead Afghans? Out of place. If you also look at the often ecologically motivated protests against "weapons test areas on their own land" in western democracies, you could get downright sick.

The overall picture is bleak

That's why it's important not to look at all of these attacks and bombings individually and in isolation. Because it is only when you grasp the overall picture that the system and unscrupulousness behind it become clear.
But this bleak overall picture did not emerge yesterday. It is the result of years of abuse of military and political power at all levels. For this reason, the dystopian conditions on Afghan soil, and what the West is doing on it, are worth more than a side note in daily disaster reporting.


Westliche Kriegsverbrechen - Afghanistan als Testgebiet für Waffen | deutschlandfunkkultur.de

Westliche Kriegsverbrechen - Afghanistan als Testgebiet für Waffen | deutschlandfunkkultur.de

Im April hat die US-Armee ihre größte nicht-atomare Bombe in einem Kampfeinsatz abgeworfen – und zwar gegen IS-Stellungen in Afghanistan. Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass am Hindukusch Waffen getestet werden, schreibt der Journalist Emran Feroz. Er b

*** Australian soldier arrested for killing Afghan man ***

It wasn't one Afghan, but hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghans killed by the western alliance in Afghanistan.

This action is a cover action.

Action to cover up brutal, inhumane, ruthless Australian killings in Afghanistan.

Beginning of translation:

The former elite soldier is said to have shot and killed an unarmed civilian while on patrol in a grain field. Now he is coming before a civil court.

In Australia, police have arrested an Afghanistan veteran decorated with a military decoration on alleged war crimes. The former soldier of an elite Australian unit is said to have shot and killed an unarmed civilian in a cornfield during an operation. Video footage of the killing was part of a major exposure into alleged crimes committed by Australian soldiers while on duty in Afghanistan.

The investigative magazine "Four Corners" had shown the recordings in 2020. They are said to come from an operation by Australian special forces in May 2012 in the province of Uruzgan in southern Afghanistan. The soldier was dismissed from service after the report. He was arrested on Monday in the eastern Australian state of New South Wales.

For the first time, a former soldier in Australia could be charged with war crimes. The video footage makes it one of the best-documented instances of Australian soldiers allegedly killing unarmed civilians while deployed in Afghanistan. In 2016, the military leadership in Canberra launched an official investigation. The result shocked the country. The report spoke of the "unlawful" killings of 39 Afghans by or with Australian soldiers. A special prosecutor was appointed to collect evidence and pass it on to the public prosecutor's office. According to a report by ABC, the special investigator is currently investigating 40 to 50 alleged crimes.

“Warrior” and “Culture of Silence”

The broadcaster spoke on Monday of a "historic turn" in the processing of alleged misconduct by the military. The veteran is to be brought before a civil court. "It's unprecedented," said University of Tasmania law professor Tim McCormack. It could also set an important precedent for other countries involved in deploying troops in the course of the NATO operation in Afghanistan. With its actions against suspected war criminals, Canberra probably also wants to prevent the allegations from being brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

From 2001 to the end of 2014, a total of 26,000 Australian soldiers were deployed in Afghanistan under the name "Operation Slipper", most of them in Uruzgan. The allegations, which related to incidents in 2009 and 2010, 2012 and 2013, primarily concerned the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), which is considered the most capable elite unit in the Australian Army. The Australian report spoke of a toxic “warrior” and “culture of silence”. New recruits among the soldiers were instructed to shoot an unarmed prisoner as an initiation. Finally, weapons and radios were planted on the alleged victims to give the impression that they posed a threat.



Investigations have suggested serious crimes by Australian special forces in Afghanistan. The country's authorities have now arrested a veteran on charges of a war crime.

Alleged war crimes by members of an elite Australian unit in Afghanistan have been reported for years. A total of 39 Afghan civilians and prisoners are said to have been killed, according to an internal military investigation report in 2020. Now there could be a trial against one of the suspected participants for the first time.

As reported by the AP news agency, among others, a 41-year-old veteran was arrested in the state of New South Wales on Monday. The background is therefore an indictment for the war crime of murder. The soldier is said to have killed an Afghan man.

According to the AP, a court in Sydney will decide whether the veteran can first be released on bail.

Helmet camera video is said to show killing

The broadcaster ABC published a video in 2020 that is said to have come from the now accused man's helmet camera. Footage from 2012 showed the soldier shooting dead a man in a crop field in the Uruzgan region. If convicted, the accused faces life imprisonment.

Australian police have been working with a dedicated investigative agency set up in 2021 to prosecute misconduct and alleged crimes by members of the army.

The 2020 special report, which concluded after hearing hundreds of witnesses that Australian forces had killed 39 Afghan prisoners, farmers and civilians, recommended charges against a total of 19 serving and former military personnel.

Australia's top military apologized to the Afghan people after the report was released. Individual former members of the SAS special unit had denied any wrongdoing in the past and some had taken legal action against corresponding reports.

Australia deployed more than 39,000 soldiers to the country during the 20-year western military operation in Afghanistan. In 2021, the armed forces withdrew together with the western partners. A total of 41 Australian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.


Australien: Soldat wegen Mordes an einem Afghanen festgenommen - DER SPIEGEL

Australien: Soldat wegen Mordes an einem Afghanen festgenommen - DER SPIEGEL

Ermittlungen haben schwere Vergehen australischer Spezialeinheiten in Afghanistan nahegelegt. Die Behörden des Landes haben nun einen Veteranen festgenommen – ihm wird ein Kriegsverbrechen vorgeworfen.

The brutality of the civilized world.

Let's discuss the events of this world together and factually!

Everyone is cordially invited!

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