The formula of life

Amin Wardag

We have to adjust our whole life to the formula (yesterday, today and tomorrow). We were born yesterday, today we will try to relax tomorrow. If we did something bad yesterday, we should do something good today to have a bright tomorrow. Yesterday we prepared the land so that we can plant wheat in it today and harvest it tomorrow. If life is not based on this three-day formula, then it is meaningless.
Some say that yesterday has passed and tomorrow is still unknown! So what's the point of thinking about it today? Yes, this formula is not bad for short-term ignoring (today it is really useless to complain about yesterday) because everything happened yesterday and tomorrow is not yet known! So we should only mourn for today's sorrows. But if we pay close attention to their belief dimensions, we will be in direct conflict with the good news and warnings of the hereafter.
We were born yesterday and we live today, but for tomorrow and if not! So today's fatigue will be fruitless. Almighty God found us yesterday for this reason, so that we can work today for tomorrow. Allah says (I have created you from this soil, and we will bury you in this soil, and we will take you out of this soil for the last time), that is, these three days are the formula of our life.
Someone who planned for us yesterday, today it is our duty to work on their plan so that it will be implemented tomorrow, but we are not like that! why not? There are many reasons! But the main reason is the lack of sufficient awareness, because our thinking people are busy with dhikr and our dhikrs are busy with thinking.
I think we have lost the rational balance! Because yesterday we call (fathers) ignorant, today (brothers) unjust and tomorrow (children) astray. Let's find a cure for this disease! Let's learn from yesterday, work for tomorrow today. We are Muslims and we firmly believe that we will not lose even a single bit of our account, so let's all join hands and entrust the account to the same accountants, nothing will be lost.